Happiness in Being


  • Mary Forwell
    Mary Forwell

Birthday Breakfast

Written by: Mary Forwell; Diamond Rose I live just a short seven minute ferry ride away from a beautiful, quaint, little Island. I come here to decompress and ‘get away’ from the [...]

Life of Tumble

Written by: Mary Forwell; Diamond Rose Dedicated to my little tumbleweed xo How would you like to be tossed about by Wind every time she howls? Wind is not my friend. She is strong, and forceful. [...]

Together Again

 The One & Only…                                       COMMON GROUND                                               The Beach Stage:         […]

Time Wizard

I’m a time wizard. I am always in the right place at the right time. Especially at the ski hill. It’s so busy. The parking lot if full at 10:30 this morning. I’m late arriving, yes, but still, [...]


It’s late July and it’s the kind of exhausting heat that even 3 am doesn’t conquer. It’s not dark, nor is it light.  The moon is still glowing full, and the sun is slowly [...]

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