Lia RobinsonEditor and Community Mentor

    I work in corporate communications. This is an integral part of any business, large or small. My skills and tasks are critical for growth, yet they can be difficult to achieve, implement, and maintain. My job is to articulate to the buyer, customer, or end-user of any business, the vision of the owner and creator of that business. I am the connector. I am working on ways to consult for colleagues, friends, and entrepreneurs that are easy to process and implement into their careers, lives, and businesses. I love it when people succeed.

    Latest Contributions

    Haven’s Grace

      Written by: Collette Cottingham; Consciously Woman   The wind whipped through the snow sending it into her face. It was the last straw. The tears which had welled up in her eyes, began to flow. Her sobs echoed. She had wanted to contain them for the sake of her children, but fate had other […]

    Deep State

      Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey   Sara handed Q a manual on how to fly the anti-gravity machine. The manual read “Titan 3.0 Guide to the Stars”. It had a picture of a sunset on the cover. Q studied the manual while walking down the hallway to the airfield. “I think we’re going […]

    Inspiration Challenge – Short and Sweet

      Hipsters! It’s Blue Monday – the “saddest day” of the year, but we ain’t! It’s short and sweet o’clock. This week, you got it! Write something short and sweet! Bonus if you include a sunrise. Happy is as a Hipster does! You know you wanna. Fact, fiction, poetry or prose. Write ON!