Lia RobinsonEditor and Community Mentor

    I work in corporate communications. This is an integral part of any business, large or small. My skills and tasks are critical for growth, yet they can be difficult to achieve, implement, and maintain. My job is to articulate to the buyer, customer, or end-user of any business, the vision of the owner and creator of that business. I am the connector. I am working on ways to consult for colleagues, friends, and entrepreneurs that are easy to process and implement into their careers, lives, and businesses. I love it when people succeed.

    Latest Contributions


    Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey   I had briefed Bronco, Sticks, and Q on what Sara had told me at the top of the pyramid. I told them of how Sara had vanished on the way down, and yet somehow she showed up with Clark in the courtyard, 20 minutes later. I couldn’t explain […]

    Ride the Rails

    Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Consciously Woman   the wind howled up the back of the mountain   summiting into the arms of the fog she was coaxed into the river of the valley where she caught the next train   the prairies were beautiful in the night around the slow curves she stretched her arms […]

    Inspiration Challenge – Tha’ar She Blows

    Hipsters. The wind. She blows. Did you get the memo? Yes or no? Fact, fiction, poetry, or prose. Write ON!