Lia RobinsonEditor and Community Mentor

    I work in corporate communications. This is an integral part of any business, large or small. My skills and tasks are critical for growth, yet they can be difficult to achieve, implement, and maintain. My job is to articulate to the buyer, customer, or end-user of any business, the vision of the owner and creator of that business. I am the connector. I am working on ways to consult for colleagues, friends, and entrepreneurs that are easy to process and implement into their careers, lives, and businesses. I love it when people succeed.

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    Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Consciously Woman   most likely to  write fortune cookies they said   so I kept my word and spoke them only  instead   long roads teach us concession teach us grace   life is born of precision  handling destined to stop on a dime    

    Wild Card, Baby

      Hipsters. It’s time. It’s Wild Card week.  Roll the dice! Rip it up! Fact, fiction, poetry or prose. Write ON.    


    Written by: Adrienne Yeardye; Consciously Woman   still life looks like a magazine airbrushed available   everything forty to seventy five off online during these strange times   the man behind the deli counter wished me a good day his eyes crinkling with smile his voice brave