Stephen BrownWriter and Community Mentor

Stephen Brown is a father, author, actor, and wellness trainer. He grew up in Dundas, Ontario, where he still lives. Through his many life experiences he has come to realize what the mind believes, the body will follow.

He believes Mindfulness should be taught in schools to adolescents to teach them how to control their thoughts and actions,

The health of the body is achieved through the mind.

Stephen likes to chill with his family, which includes three dogs and a cat. He trains the body through discipline of mind, body, and soul. His book on Amazon, “Mindfulness of a Fly on the Wall” is a journey to mind, body, and soul alignment. It is a guide to reaching a higher consciousness to make the world a better place.

He believes if we work together we can always make it better.

Latest Contributions

Deep State

  Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey   Sara handed Q a manual on how to fly the anti-gravity machine. The manual read “Titan 3.0 Guide to the Stars”. It had a picture of a sunset on the cover. Q studied the manual while walking down the hallway to the airfield. “I think we’re going […]

Second Chance

  Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey   I had made my way over to the cooler and reached in to get another beer, when this beautiful woman reached in and grabbed the exact same beer I was holding. “Oh excuse me Captain, I see there is only one craft beer left. Why don’t you […]


  Written by: Stephen Brown; Mansfield Grey   I continued to drift in and out of consciousness as the lab coats hovered around me. They lifted me onto a gurney and started wheeling me through a facility. I could see the overhead lights passing by as they rolled me down the long hallway. I could […]